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Minnesota Resident Ann Bateman Eliminates $73,120.90 in Student Loan Debt

June 2023

St. Paul, MN – June 22, 2023 – Ann Bateman, a resident of Faribault, Minnesota, had $73,120.90 in student loan debt eliminated after filing a lawsuit against the United States Department of Education. The lawsuit was filed by Minnesota attorney Jeffrey H. Butwinick, and the bankruptcy court case number is AP 23-3001.  The judgment in Bateman's favor was granted on June 15, 2023.

Attorney Butwinick argued that Ms. Bateman's student loan debts caused an undue hardship, and the Department of Education agreed. The lawsuit was based on the borrower hardship defense to repayment, which allows borrowers to have their loans forgiven if they can show that their loans would cause an undue hardship.

“I am so grateful that my student loan debt has been eliminated,” said Bateman. “This has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and I am so relieved that I can finally focus on my future.  I never thought I would be free of this burden.”

Butwinick, who has been representing borrowers in bankruptcy for over 20 years, said that he is pleased with the court's decision.

“I am proud to have represented Ann in this case,” said Butwinick. “She is a hardworking single mother of two who has been struggling with her student loan debt for many years.  It shows that the courts are willing to discharge student loan debt in cases where it would cause an undue hardship. I am hopeful that this decision will help other student loan borrowers who are struggling to repay their debts.”

The hardship defense to repayment is a powerful tool that can help borrowers who are struggling with their student loan debt. If you believe that your loans would cause an undue hardship, you should contact an attorney to discuss your options.

If you are struggling with student loan debt, or any other type of debt, contact Butwinick Law Office today and we can help you determine if bankruptcy is the right option for you.

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